R&B’s New Superstar Arin Ray Adds YG To The Mix For His “We Ain’t Homies” Video


On the personal side, Arin Ray is my favorite new artist out. That goes for R&B and Hip-Hop. I’ve been playing his album non-stop since it dropped earlier this month. Now what makes me know he’s special is when the video to his first single, “We Ain’t Homies” came out last year, like late November or early December, I played it while getting dressed for a fancy event like 200 hundred times straight. So those streaming numbers are heavily influenced by me. Interscope, his label, said he was coming out with the full project soon…they didn’t give me a date though. Then out of the blue, his album plopped in early March! I’ve been heavy on it every day, no- yall ain’t hear me- every day!

So now that the “We Ain’t Homies” video with YG’s verse done by YG in it is out, it feels like a great day in the world. The black and white theme works. I’m hoping that Ray takes this full project on the road outside of his recent tour with the amazing R&B love H.E.R. It would be fitting to get Platinum Fire to the people up close and personal. Recently Ray mused if he should do something crazy to get more sales for his album noticed. I interjected and pronounced absolutely not! Just do you bro…and the wins will pile up. Check his new video and support the album by actually buying it folks. R&B is alive and well and Arin Ray is the proof.