Resource Officer Accidentally Fires Gun Inside Virginia Middle School

A resource officer accidentally fired his gun inside a middle school in Virginia, leaving parents terrified about weapons in school.

NBC Washington reports the incident happened Tuesday (Mar 13), at George Washington Middle School in Alexandria, Va. No children were hurt but that can only be attributed to luck. The officer reportedly checked his immediate vicinity to assure that there were no injuries right away. He reported to school staff and his supervisor. Whether the officer had removed his gun from the holster is still unclear as department representatives declined to answer.

If a staff member, a five-year veteran of the Alexandria Police Department, given the duty to protect the lives 1500 middle school students is prone to fallibility, who’s to say that a couple of training sessions should make parents and children feel safe?

One parent called a spade a spade. “We’re talking about arming teachers, and even the security personnel that are trained can’t seem to make it work,” one parent said. “I’m happy he wasn’t injured and nobody else was injured, but I think it’s a great reason to say we don’t need more guns in schools,” another parent added.

The officer was placed on administrative leave.

Last month, President Donald Trump spoke at a conference in response to the then two-week-old high school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“We have to take steps to harden our schools so they’re less vulnerable to attack,” he said. Then he suggested that schools be filled with trained personnel–including teachers–who were skilled in the use of firearms. In his mind, this is protection realized. To be certain that there were no sudden urges to attack, Trump suggested evaluations of mental health.

The incident preceded another of similar nature by only hours.

A California teacher, teaching about public safety at Seaside High School in California, injured a student when he directed his gun at the ceiling and accidentally fired it. Dennis Alexander is also an officer with the Sand City Police Department, CNN reports. A bullet fragment or debris pierced a student’s neck, reportedly. No one knows why Alexander had the firearm out, only that he shouldn’t have.

Students from all over the country are currently speaking out against gun violence for National School Walkout Day.

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