Richard Pryor’s Son Receives Massive Wave Of Boos At The Apollo


The historic Apollo Theater in Harlem, USA is known for not only breaking talent but also breaking the hearts of hopeful talents. Showtime at the Apollo returned earlier this season with comedian Steve Harvey as its host and kept the theater’s iconic notables like Mr. Sandman and the “Tree of Hope” intact.

Eager performers seek to win over the unforgiving crowd every Thursday night on FOX, but one person left the audience in a state of confusion. Richard Pryor’s son, Mason Pryor received a standing ovation when he walked out onto the stage to begin his comedic set. While he received a few chuckles at the beginning, his delivery along the way failed to obtain the deep-in-your-stomach laughter that his legendary father once received from multiple crowds.

Once the young comedian began his bit about Donald Trump and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s relationship, the crowd proceeded to unleash a wave of boos that overpowered Mason’s request. “Have some respect,” he stated. “Sit down, sit down. Y’all not gon’ boo me.”

From Harvey’s and co-host Adrienne Bailon’s reactions to the audience members getting out of their seats to amplify their dislike, Pryor realized that his prepared jokes wouldn’t make it through. He recently spoke with TMZ about the incident and said it was his first time performing in front of a huge audience.

“When I went out there, the first thing I did, I’m looking at the crowd, the lights, and everything. I’m like, ‘This is really nice guys. This is going to go great,'” he said. “And you can kind of tell halfway through that first Donald Trump bit, I’m like, ‘Alright, this is taking a really long time to get to the end.'”

He ended his recollection by stating that comedians gave him tips on how to be more concise with his jokes for the next performance.