Rihanna Slams Snapchat For Ad Mocking Domestic Violence


Rihanna is taking a stand for domestic violence victims after Snapchat issued an apology for posting an insensitive advertisement that mocked her 2009 incident with Chris Brown.

On Thursday (Mar. 15), the singer issued a statement by way of Instagram about the company’s blunder. The ad for the pass-game “Would You Rather” featured the scathing option, “slap Rihanna” or “punch Chris Brown.” It caught the attention of the U.S. users this week, causing the company to issue a public apology.

“The advert was reviewed and approved in error, as it violates our advertising guidelines,” their statement to BBC News reads. “We immediately removed the ad last weekend, once we became aware. We are sorry that this happened,” the statement reads.

In her statement, Rihanna drew attention to domestic violence victims, noting that the company did a deserve to them.

“This isn’t about my personal feelings, cause I don’t have much of them, but all the women, children, and men that have been victims of DV in the past and especially the ones who haven’t made it out yet, you let us down!” she said. “Shame on you. Throw the whole app-oligy away.”

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Snapchat’s popularity continued to dwindle. As previously reported, the company lost $1.3 billion in value in February. Users aren’t fond of new updates including Kylie Jenner, who brought a wave of users to the app just a few years ago.

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