Ro James Returns With The Ever So Smooth ‘Smoke’ EP


After Ro James commemorated the anniversary of Biggie Smalls’ death with the single “Lost My Mind,” excitement began to swirl around the release of his next project – hype that the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter lived up to with the release of his Smoke EP on Friday (Mar. 23).

According to James, Smoke will be followed by another EP titled Mirrors. This marks the first installment to a tandem of tapes meant to cleanse his fans’ palates before he drops his upcoming sophomore album.

Smoke is just the intro into the fire. Mirrors is about reflection and self,” James explained via a press release. “I’ve been away for a bit recalibrating, growing and learning. I’m ready to share again. Decided to drop an EP and warm it up a little while I finish off the album.”

From the start of this four-track project, it’s clear that James’ absence did not affect his artistry. He sticks to his signature sultry style with the seductive track “Outside the Box (How Bout That),” setting the tone for the EP. Apart from his celestial collaboration with the Notorious B.I.G., James solely graces the tape, giving fans the feeling that he is confident in the direction of his music.

With Smoke, Ro James continues to project a classic R&B sound which has seemingly become lost as the genre’s boundaries are blurred. Because of his nostalgic but refreshing sound, if Mirrors stays in congruence with its predecessor, there will be little doubt that with the drop of his official album it will revitalize the resurgence of R&B.

Stream the Smoke EP below.