Rob Markman Gives His Teenaged Self A Confidence Boost In “Believe Me” Video


The Hip-Hop community has watched Rob Markman evolve from esteemed rap journalist to rising MC. This Brooklyn native poured his heart and soul into his debut album Write To Dream, which dropped last summer. At the end of his breakthrough year, Markman wrote a letter to his teenaged self and posted it on Instagram, and his touching words went on to inspire his most recent single “Believe Me.”

Earlier this week (Mar 6), Rob gave Hip-Hop N More the green light to debut his first video of 2018. Connecticut video director Rook brings the ultimate vision to life as he helps OG Rob go back in time to give lil Rob the inspiring letter he wrote.

“As soon as I wrote the song, I knew what I wanted the video to be, so I got with my man Rook, who directed it and brought the vision to life,” Rob told HHNM. “At first my son didn’t want to be in the video; I had to convince him to be a part of it. He’s usually pretty shy. But I wanted him to play the younger version of myself. In the first half of the video I’m writing the letter, in the second-half, he’s receiving the letter. We all have doubt, so imagine if your future self sent you a letter telling you everything was gonna work out. That’ll be ill.”

Rob also confirmed that the record will most likely live on its own for now. However, he’s always in the lab cooking up new music, and he definitely has plans to follow-up his debut album in the near future.

“I’m continually working on new music and eventually there will be a second project,” Rob said. “I already have a title, I know what the cover is going to look like and everything. I’ve been writing and recording songs for it, but right now I plan to release singles for a while. And those singles won’t necessarily be on the album.”

Watch Rob Markman reach out to lil Rob Markman in his new video for “Believe Me” below.