Royce da 5’9 Reveals Artwork And Tracklist For ‘Book of Ryan’

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Royce da 5’9″ has been in a zone. The one man lyrical machine is enjoying the good press that PRhyme 2– a joint project with DJ Premiere– is receiving. With that, it’s the perfect time for Royce to announce his forthcoming solo album Book of Ryan.

Today (Mar. 22), Nickel Nine shared the album’s artwork and tracklist to his seventh solo album. Topping out at 20 songs, Book of Ryan has only one feature, which is the J. Cole–assisted “Boblo Boat.”

Book of Ryan is the follow-up to Royce’s 2016 solo effort Layers. Before the release of PRhyme 2, the Detroit native released lyrically superior mixtape The Bar Exam 4. 

Royce and DJ Premiere recently spoke to VIBE about the second installment of PRhyme as well as gun control.

“I feel like the world in general, not even just the black community but especially in the black community, our focus should always be the children. Our focus should always be the future, just like in hip-hop. We have to take care of the world. We have to take care of our children. One thing I’m against is arming teachers. You basically creating an environment where there may just have to be a shootout with bullets whizzing by the faces and heads of our children. That’s a fucking horrible idea. I think that every man should have the right to be able to protect his family with deadly force. We should have the right to bare arms still. I feel that we should figure out a way to protect the entrances, exits and hallways of the schools. There’s no excuse for us not to be able to have armed guards and trained professionals who are not teachers on the premises to protect our children. That’s what we need.”

Book of Ryan will be released on April 6.

1. “Intro”
2. “Woke”
3. “My Parallel (Skit)”
4. “Caterpillar”
5. “God Speed”
6. “Dumb”
7. “Who Are You (Skit)”
8. “Cocaine”
9. “Life Is Fair”
10. “Boblo Boat” featuring J. Cole
11. “Legendary”
12. “Summer on Lock”
13. “Amazing”
14. “Outside”
15. “Power”
16. “Protecting Ryan (Skit)”
17. “Strong Friend”
18. “Anything/Everything”
19. “Stay Woke”
20. “First of the Month