Sango Reinforces His Positive Outlook On ‘In The Comfort’ Album


Sango has been creating sounds for a stable of new talent over the past twenty four months. So much so that fans haven’t received a full album from him since his debut album, 2013’s North. Recently, the producer returned to deliver his sophomore release In Comfort Of.

“It’s inspired by the idea that comfort and being comfortable doesn’t always have to mean complacency,” says Sango about the album. “Comfort is almost like being confident – you know enough to be comfortable. Complacent is like being too set and not caring, it’s like settling almost. So it’s this idea that even if you have a tough situation you’re still comfortable doing it because you have to live with it; it’s about being comfortable in your own skin. The album is an unfinished sentence so it could mean in the comfort of your own skin, in the comfort of your own home, in the comfort of your relationship, in the comfort of your current situation.”

Guest stars Smino, JMSN, Dave B, Jesse Boykins III, Xavier Omär, James Vincent McMorrow and Jean Deaux all appear on the project.

Listen to In Comfort Of