Sauce Walka Returns With More Flavor In “Sauce Baby” Video


Houston’s Sauce Walka is one of the most charismatic people that I’ve ever met. The rapper’s charm carries over into his music, too. Coming off the release of 2017’s Sauce Father LP, the Sauce Factory god recently released the entertaining visuals for his record dubbed, “Sauce Baby.”

Shot by Lewis Nasty, Walka along with his Sauce Factory family shows the world why they’re exciting street icons, as they post in front of a foreign whip, drip flavor and spit game for the camera.

“2013 summer, I was the first nigga wearing Ferragamo/Back when they ain’t even make big buckle men’s belts and that’s on my mama/I was buying three/Balenciagas back when niggas was waiting outside for Jordans/Niggas posting every new release on they Instagram like that shit important/I was already pimpin’ three bitches, you was only selling marijuana/I have a bitch pullin’ up in foreigns,” raps the Houston native.

“Sauce Baby” follows the music videos for “Sauce Lean,” and “All of That.” Also, in 2017, Walka released his the third installment of his Sorry 4 the Sauce EP.

Fellow TSF Sauce god, Sosamann released his 2017 effort titled Sauce the World. The Taylor Gang signee is just as alluring and memorable as his big homie Sauce Walka.

Watch the video above.