One Sixth Grader Has Prepared A Will In The Event Of A School Shooting


The impact of gun violence is taking a morbid turn as kids as young as 11 years old are preparing for their feared early deaths due to mass shootings.

Javon Davis, an Alabama sixth grader, wrote away his PlayStation 4, Xbox, all the games to both, a television and his cat to his best friend in a will. Davis said he and his best friend drew up the will when his middle school received a threat. He said he wrote the will “just in case something happened to one of us,” according to CBS.

“It was just in case something happened to one of us because some kids get rowdy up and might end up getting somebody shot or something,” Davis said.

Instead of worrying about making friends and class assignments, children like Davis are concerned about their mortality while pursuing an education.

“It’s really hard because he’s so young. He just shouldn’t have to go through that period,” his mom Mariama told CBS 42. “He’s in sixth grade. You have a lot ahead of you and these things going on you shouldn’t have to worry about, go through, or even think about.”

Teenagers affected by the Parkland shooting grilled lawmakers about gun policy reform days after the tragedy and are marching to Washington D.C. on March 24. Many businesses and celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, and George Clooney have given their support.