Snakehips Join Jeremih And Amine For New Single “For The F^_^k Of It”


British producing duo, Snakehips, linked up Jeremih and Amine to create a care-free collision course on their new track, “For The F^_^k of It.”

For this record, Snakehips crafts a bubbly, trap-inspired, instrumental that can find its roots in the beats a SoundCloud Lil Yachty used to cruise on. This youthful production laid the foundation for Jeremih to sing the song’s blissfully negligent chorus: “I know you knew what wouldn’t start it / It only takes two of us to party / Gon’ do it for the f**k of it / I’m ‘bout take it down for the f**k of it.”

Anime then delivers a verse that looks to continue the trend set by his breakthrough hit, “Caroline.” By lacing his appearance with easy but witty one-liners like “I make ‘em leave like what Tia and Tamera say” and “Skin poppin’ but she’s always rocking acne,” Amine’s feature adds to his status as commercially pop but still respectfully lyrical.

And even though “For The F^_^k of It” is definitely a son of the many sons that DJ Khaled’s 2017 smash “The One” gave birth to, this record is still a gleefully catchy single that anyone from Lil Wayne to Ashad could enjoy.