‘SNL’ Stars Release “God’s Plan” Parody Mocking Donald Trump


Saturday Night Live stars Pete Davidson and Chris Redd have unleashed a parody of Drake’s hit song “God’s Plan,” and filled it with Donald Trump references, titling it “Don’s Plan.”

In the track, released on Soundcloud, the duo make fun of y’all’s President with lyrical gems focusing on headlines and tweets Trump has made throughout the long, long 13 and-a-half months he’s held office.

“My wife said ‘Do you love me?’/ I tell her only partly/ I only love Ivanka and Putin, I’m sorry,” the lyrics boast.

The song also tackles recent news pertaining to Trump, including the controversy surrounding his alleged relationship with adult film star, Stormy Daniels. They also mention his ties to the National Rifle Association, which have come under fire in the wake of the Florida high school shooting.

“Keeping calm while tweeting is a struggle for me/ Tell Stormy she can pee and cuddle with me,” they rap-sing. “Steppin’ out the plane as the wind hits my weave/ My ties with the NRA stay deep/ Try to bring the country back to 2003.”

As for the real version of “God’s Plan,” Drake continues to take over the airwaves- the song has been No. 1 for five straight weeks.

Listen to “Don’s Plan” below.