Sony Pictures And EbonyLife Team Up For Series Inspired By The Dahomey Warriors

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After Black Panthers worldwide success, a wave of stories birthed in Africa is slated to hit theaters soon. Sony Pictures Television is joining forces with Nigerian network EbonyLife, one of Africa’s most profitable production companies, CNN reports. One of the three joint projects is based on West Africa’s Dahomey Warriors, a 19th-century all-women army. The fearless tribe was briefly featured in Black Panther.

This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for Hollywood to burst open the doors to diverse storytelling. Nigerian filmmaker Femi Odugbemi echoes these sentiments. “It’s the first time I think a global company, or a company with a global footprint, is coming to the table, not just to give crumbs but to actually to try to collaborate in a way that expands opportunity for creating (stories) of African descent,” he said to CNN. “The content is based on something empowering,” he continued. “The stories are places of inspiration that allow a generation to find its own purpose and build on its history and its past.”

Wayne Garvie, President of International Production at Sony Pictures Television, said their partnership with EbonyLife is in an effort to help expand the network’s reach with dynamic programming. “Our aim is to help Ebony Life create a portfolio of African content that will fulfill their aim of being one of Africa’s prime creator of premium content,” he stated.