Sterling K. Brown Produces “Deleted Scene” Scene From ‘Black Panther’ On ‘SNL’


Black Panther, a Marvel blockbuster that will befittingly turn into a billion-dollar franchise, has found its way from the world of Wakanda to the metropolis of New York City. While making his debut as host of Saturday Night Live for the first time (Mar. 10), Sterling K. Brown and his Djalia family (Leslie Jones, Chris Redd) trade comedic dialogue in the ancestral realm when an uncle (played by Kenan Thompson) arrives to shake up otherworldly land.

Thompson’s character married into the Djalia family – his wife is part of the Dora Milaje – and ended up in the afterlife when he suggested a physical change that his wife should consider. Given his appearance in the ancestral land, it seems as if his fearless partner didn’t take too kindly to his statement. He also had an extensive list of demands that he wants King T’Challa (Redd) to fulfill, but the latter’s family encourages him to ignore his uncle’s requests. The sketch nearly forced the actors to shed their characters’ persona.

Brown is no stranger to Black Panther since he had a pivotal role in the Ryan Coogler-directed movie. The This Is Us actor portrayed N’Jobu, brother to¬†deceased King T’Chaka, and father of controversial villain, Erik Killmonger.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, the award-winning thespian touched upon the fact that many African Americans want to embark on a journey of discovering and being connected to their roots and how the film’s depiction of representation can help fuel that action.

“To know that Marvel had the vision and the courage to put this sort of financing behind a film with all these African and African-American faces and that it has proven that it can be financially viable and not just to the community to which it represents but to the mainstream as well,” he said. And that people seek themselves.”