Styles P Makes A Return To Bars With His New EP, ‘Nickel Bag’

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Following the route of his Lox-brethren, Styles P decided to reestablish himself one of rap’s lyrical powerhouses by releasing his surprise EP, Nickel Bag on Thursday (Mar. 29). This five-song EP seems to be a continuation of Styles’ decision to trade in the juice bars for the bars he more known from, a momentary decision that began in Dec. 2017 when P started to regain hip-hop’s attention with the release of the Story of Ghost EP.

Like the successful businessman he is, Styles keeps the money close with Nickel Bag only containing guest verses from fellow D-Block artists, Whispers, Flowerboy Vegas and Dyce Payne. Styles P’s recent activity, combined with Jadakiss’s non-stop work ethic, only adds fuel to flames—which were sparked by trio’s consistent tour schedule—that a full-fledged “reunion” is possible.

This all comes in the 20th year since the release of The Lox’s debut album, Money, Power Respect, and would undoubtedly be the final piece needed to rebirth New York’s “hoodie-rap.” Stream Styles P’s new EP, Nickel Bag.