Tamar Braxton Speaks On Keeping Up Physical Appearances To Please Partner

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On The Steve Harvey Show Tuesday (Mar. 27), the show’s titular host asked Tamar Braxton, Keri Hilson and Kimberly Caldwell if they’ve ever “changed for a man.” Braxton unabashedly answered, “definitely.”

Harvey was commenting on acclaimed chef Gordon Ramsay’s decision to lose weight to save his marriage. He said men change for women all the time, but would they do the same? Hilson and Braxton both agreed.

“I believe in being attractive for your mate. I used to be like sis (referring to Caldwell). I used to have blond wigs. I still have 150,000 at my house since I done shaved my head off,” Braxton said. “Vince liked blond-head, light, faired women and I just wasn’t born with no blond hair. For me, I think that’s just the responsibility that women have is to stay current for your man.”

Braxton’s divorce from Vincent Herbert might have spurned the singer to free herself from the bonds of wigs and weaves as she was rocking her buzzcut on the show. Since airing out her marriage troubles on social media, Braxton said she’s not publicly commenting on her former union.