Teen Uses Plies’ “Rock” Jam For Adorable Prom Proposal


Prom season is slowly approaching and teens are getting more creative with their proposals with one creative gentleman used Plies’ latest single to proclaim his love for his girlfriend in an adorable viral video.

Shared by the rapper Friday (Mar. 9), a teen by the name of Davon used “Rock” to show his appreciation for Nai on her birthday. With some choreography from his friend, the teen successfully provided the lucky lady with a gift she won’t forget. Other prom proposals have been climatic with fake drug busts and arrests.

The rapper released “Rock” in Dec. 2017 as a single from¬†Ain’t No Mixtape Bih 3.¬†Collaborators on the project included Kash Doll, Jeremih and Dae Dae.

On the bright side, Plies’ “Rock” has inspired fans to put their own spin on it in the form of remixes and dance challenges with parents.

Check them out below.