Texas Teachers Use Their Saturday Off For Gun Training


In the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting, which left 17 dead, North Texas teachers are learning how to protect students in an active shooter situation. Former Irving police officer, Tim Bulot, taught 16 teachers and school faculty members how to handle a weapon in the event of an active shooter this Saturday (Mar. 10). Bulot (oh, the irony) is the owner of the Strategic Weapons Academy of Texas, and rightfully titled the class “Defensive Pistol Training for Teachers.”

“This is the first time I’ve done anything like this. Normally it’s police officers, SWAT teams, and then overseas contractors is what we train here. I wanted to bring teachers and law enforcement together, kind of bring them into our world because, now, we’re not the first one there on these active shooters: they are,” Bulot told CBS.

Kim Raney was one of the teachers in attendance and believes it is better to “be prepared than not prepared.” Raney’s dedication to preparation also leads her to be willing to carry a gun if the district ever allowed it. “If our district ever let the teachers carry, then I’d be prepared to do that,” said Raney. Raney’s comments further fuels Donald Trump’s ideology that if “a teacher who was adept with a firearm, they could end the attack very quickly.” Many people oppose the idea, however, as they believe this would extend beyond a teacher’s responsibility.

Another teacher, Jeremie Parker, who lost his niece in the Sandy Hook school shooting, took the training to honor her legacy. “Every day we think about her, and every day I think, ‘What if…’ But I try to keep her spirit alive by living how she would want me to be,” Parker said. “I probably won’t carry in the classroom if the district ever allows it. It’s just one of those things to prepare and better train myself in understanding how to use a firearm.”