Watch ‘The Wire’ Star Tray Chaney’s New Video For “You Think You Know”


In the early 2000s, HBO’s The Wire was a pivotal show that exposed the grit behind street life and how quickly things can change. Tray Chaney better known as “Poot” was one of the characters on the show that helped to portray this very accurate image.

Since the ending of the series, Chaney has been working to find his niche in music as a rapper, while still pursuing acting. He currently stars on Bounce TV’s hit show Saints and Sinners, but this hasn’t derailed his love of expressing himself as an MC. In his newest song, “You Think You Know” Chaney discusses the hardships of life behind the camera. He’s transparent with his personal struggles of having difficulty earning income to provide for his wife and child.

In the music video above, which is directed by Alan M. Brooks, features a cameo by Black Child of Murder Inc. Records, as well as his Saints and Sinners and The Wire co-star, J.D. Williams. Williams famously portrayed “Bodie” on the HBO hit. The video goes in-depth to show the harsh reality some men face as they try to lead a good life, but often times have to result to a life of crime to provide for their families.

Check out the visual below. Chaney’s album S.A.M (Strictly About Music) is out now.