Interview: Alicia Vikander Talks Becoming Lara Croft for ‘Tomb Raider’

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The 2018 Tomb Raider movie lands in theaters nationwide today (March 16) with Hollywood hot-girl Alicia Vikander as the badass and bodacious Lara Croft. In the new film, the video game vixen turned big screen action hero is on a hunt to find her eccentric adventurer father who vanished years earlier while away on a very dicey mission.

As Lara struggles to find her way to a deserted — and haunted — island off the coast of Japan, she faces off with villains and unexpected predicaments that put her life in danger from the very beginning. However, Croft’s sheer strength and determination leads her to discover powers from within that she didn’t initially know she had.

“There’s a reason why Lara has been with us for 22 years now, she was groundbreaking, she was the strong woman that was put into this world that was so male dominated for such a long time,” Alicia tells VIBE. “I love the fact that it’s an origins story, and you get to follow her through the journey of her becoming the action hero that we all know today.”

You can also watch an interview with Walton Goggins who plays one of the film’s “bad guys” below.