Twitter Ad On Women Empowerment Sparks Outcry


“I heard a woman becomes herself the first time she speaks without permission. Then every word out her mouth, a riot. Say beautiful, and point to the map of your body. Say brave, and wear your skin like a gown.” This is how Latinx poet Denice Frohman opens her brilliant poem, which narrates Twitter’s latest ad campaign #HereWeAre.


#HereWeAre, meant to celebrate the power of women, has drawn merited criticism since its debut on Oscars night (Mar. 4). The one-minute clip aired during the 90th Academy Awards and features appearances by the likes of director Ava DuVernay and actor Issa Rae.

Shot in black-and-white with women of all shapes and backgrounds, the commercial sparked outcry as many users have called bullsh**t on the hypocrisy of Twitter promoting female solidarity while it plays bystander to all the misogyny, harassment and anti-woman rhetoric that plagues the social media platform daily.

“How about you spend the money you used on this ad to hire moderators to kick accounts that terrorize women off your platform? How about you hire more engineers who aren’t men to build your platform so that you don’t have giant blind spots putting users at risk?” begs TEDTalks editor, Ella Dawson. In other words: Twitter can talk the talk, but can it walk the walk?

Many more followed suit. See how other naysayers are reacting to Twitter’s latest campaign.