Uber Driver Robbed Of $23 And Shot Several Times Expected To Survive


A 26-year-old Uber driver who was robbed of $23 and shot three times is expected to live, despite having multiple entrance and exit wounds.

Jeffrey Cisnero Comacho picked up a passenger hailing a ride Saturday morning (March 17) on Boston Road and Fish Ave in The Bronx. Comacho reportedly took the rider to Morrison Ave. near E. 174th St. in the Soundview section where the rider pulled out a gun and demanded money. When Comacho didn’t have any (this was Comacho’s second rider for the night) he was shot three times.

Comacho was able to stumble out of his Silver Toyota and hail down police riding by who drove him to Jacobi Medical Center.

Fernando Mateo, the president of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers told the New York Daily News he stayed with Comacho and he’s fortunate to be alive.

“We were at the hospital all morning. He’s got tubes going everywhere. Cops recovered three 9-mm shells and there are a lot of exit and entrance wounds.”

Comacho’s mother visited her son in the hospital and didn’t mince words when speaking of the rider who left her child for dead.

“I want the person who did this to be caught,” said Yanira Comacho. “I would kill him.”

While Comacho is expected to survive, Mateo noted Uber drivers don’t normally pick up passengers who have not scheduled a ride through the app. Police scoured the neighborhood and have gone door to door asking people if they’ve seen anything. Comacho also didn’t have any cameras in his car to help investigators nab the culprit.

“As drivers and as an industry, we have to do a better job of protecting ourselves,” Mateo said. “There’s is no way that a cop can save your life when you’re alone in the dark at 2 a.m. and someone pulls a gun on you.

Mateo continued: “The driver has tools like cameras to protect them, but sometimes people take these for granted and this is what happens,” he said.