United Airlines Awards White Woman $1000 After She Disturbs Black Man’s Flight

Frederick Joseph, the creator of the viral #BlackPantherChallenge, reportedly had a terrible experience flying with United Airlines on Mar. 13. According to Joseph, a white woman made his flight less than enjoyable, and when he attempted to alert United employees, they awarded her and dismissed him.

It all started when a woman decided to take off her shoes and put her feet on the table as Joseph was reportedly eating a meal. “This woman next to me took her shoes off and placed both feet on the table. So I’m waiting for flight staff to say something,” he wrote on Twitter. “So flight staff walks by numerous times without saying anything, and I’m irate, because no black person would ever get away with this shit. So I start looking at the staff noting that there is an issue. You know, giving them the snitch eye…”

After a few more minutes, Joseph decided to ask the woman to move her feet, to which she said: “what do you want me to do, the seats are small.” The two go back and forth before alerting a flight attendant. “The flight attendant says… ‘well what if she puts her feet closer to the window or puts one down’ The woman says ‘if I put one foot down, I want to be accommodated for accommodating him,'” he continued.

The attendant then came back with a $1000 voucher for the woman, but nothing for him. “So I ask “what voucher will I be receiving for my suffering” The flight attendant says ‘sir, we can only make but so many accommodations, and she has agreed to move her feet for you,'” he added. Joseph then reportedly got on the phone with customer service, where he received more resistance.

This isn’t the first time passengers of color have had problems with United. There have been several reports of passengers being physically removed from planes or racially-motivated altercations.

Check out Frederick Joseph’s account of the incident here.