United Airlines Accidentally Sends A Dog Meant For Kansas To Japan


If you’re having a rough couple of days, the one thing you can rest easy in knowing is, at least you’re not the publicist for United Airlines.

Last week, the company merited the ire of dog lovers near and far when it was revealed a flight attendant forced a passenger to place her dog in an overhead bin, only for the dog to die. Now, United is under criticism again after the Swindle family realized they’d been swindled when their dog who should’ve flew to Wichita, Kansas instead crossed two oceans and landed in Japan.

According to USA Today, Kara and Joseph Swindle and their two children are moving from Salem to Kansas City. After flying from Portland to Kansas, Kara went to the cargo area to pick up her dog Irgo, but was taken back when a Great Dane emerged instead of their 10-year-old German shepherd.

“I was in shock, instantly in tears, wondering where my dog was instead of this dog,” Swindle said.

Swindle said she took Irgo to Portland’s International Airport cargo facility Monday where he was supposed to fly to Denver, stay the night and then fly to Kansas where he’d be reunited with the Swindle family. Instead, Irgo flew on a separate flight because the cargo space on the Swindle flight was full.

“Somehow, in-between going from Denver to Kansas City the two dogs got switched. Not exactly sure how, they aren’t sure how either,” Kara said.

The Swindle family was in contact with the family in Japan and they were able to receive their Great Dane. Getting back their German shepherd was more complicated, but Irgo reportedly flew back on a private charted flight.