VIBE’s #FreshPackTour Alum Gee Slab Releases The “Cosa Nostra” Video From Favor Ain’t Fair EP


In the summer of 2017, VIBE’s Music Editor Mikey Fresh and the G&G promotions team came up with a national tour that covered Miami, Virginia, New York and Nashville. On the Nashville stop, we found that the talent that came before the show to play their music for our staff was rather dope. We looked to grab one artist in particular, Gee Slab, who put on some dope tracks and was the most lyrical out of the batch.

He later took a trip up to NYC last year and linked with VIBE frequent production collaborator, King Henry of Platinum Boy Productions and created a five track EP titled Favor Ain’t Fair. The project is one that takes the the mind state of a midwest hood cat and flips it on some dirty Hip-Hop griot shit. When you think of having favor, and th

en know that it sometimes isn’t fair to those that deserve it and those that don’t…then you are at the apex of doing the knowledge on what Gee Slab is talking about. Let’s not overlook the excellent production of King Henry. He lays the perfect soundscapes that emcompass Slab’s wise and at times wild words.

Judging from the “Cosa Nostra” video, which is a track off the EP, you understand that the drug connections make a connection to how slinging a new style of speak is to selling hip-hop across the board. Seeing that a video and project like this can come from VIBE and a tour that was an idea on the fly is beautiful. Enjoy and support the project that’s on the streaming platform that you frequent heavy.