Kanye West & A Flying Dog Help Vic Mensa Find Himself In Animated Series, ‘Mind of Mensa’

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Vic Mensa is transitioning from saving money to saving the world in a new animated series.

Announced Friday (March 2), Mensa teamed with social video company, WeBuyGold to transform himself in a cartoon character. The brand has helped animate other artists, notably 21 Savage with his series, The Year 2100. The “Bank Account” rapper was transformed into a hilarious evil villain with his music as a weapon of choice.

In a show that can be described as a 4 Nem-focused Mortal Kombat, the Chicago native draws inspiration from ’80s style video games and classic martial arts movies to craft this nostalgically innovative series. “Aesthetically, the series is a throwback to early arcade style fighting games and a comedic homage to classic films of the same era like The Karate Kid,” Mensa tells VIBE via email.

Sticking to the themes present in 80s era entertainment, Mind of Mensa is an odyssey based show. Instead of following suit of his protagonist forefathers by searching for their rival, in this series, Vic is embarking on a quest to find himself.

WeBuyGold CEO Dan Altmann called their series unique. “Vic Mensa’s own interest and accomplishments in martial arts heavily inspired the series,” Altmann said in a statement.” It’s not every day you hear of a hip-hop star who’s also a blackbelt. We wanted to show fans that side of him in a very unique and fun way”.

“Through each episode of Mind of Mensa, Vic must conquer each challenge to complete another level of Mind, Energy, Nature, Soul, and Agility,” Vic Mensa described. “Only then can he achieve ‘Full MENSA’.”

Vic is not on this journey alone. Throughout the show will get help from various sources including a whimsical flying dog and a faux-Kanye West sensei. This helps the rapper maneuver obstacles in a way that blends Lupe Fiasco with Bruce Leroy.

The cartoon will be released in five parts, dropping every Friday on WeBuyGold’s Instagram account.

Check out the first episode of Mind of Mensa below.

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