Gay Former NFL Player Wade Davis Works To End Homophobia In Pro Sports


In the wake of superstar prospect Derrius Guice claiming an NFL rep asked him if he “likes men” during the NFL Combine, a former pro footballer is now working to combat the homophobia that surrounds America’s favorite sport.

As reported by TMZ, Wade Davis II, an openly gay, ex-NFL running back, is now the current Director of Professional Sports Outreach for the You Can Play Project. As the head of the organization committed to ridding professional sports of homophobia, Davis tells the publication he has reached out to the NFL in hopes to curb events like the one Guice encountered.

“I have been in contact with the NFL,” Davis told TMZ. “And I’ll be running a training/clinic in the off-season for coaches and staff to address this issue.”

The intended outcome of Davis’ workshops is for NFL personnel to make a more honest effort to turn the league into a more inclusive work environment, while explaining to staffers why inquiring about a player’s sexuality is an inappropriate gesture.

“[I want them to] understand the physical, emotional and spiritual cost to creating a hostile environment for gay male athletes,” explained Davis, who became open with his sexuality after his run in the league ended.

As the country transitions to becoming more tolerant in regards to the freedom of sexuality, it is clear that the staunch homophobia present in the NFL also needs to change in order to reflect the society it entertains. And with the league incorporating Davis’ empathetic clinics, America and its most loved sport may start to mirror each other.