Waka Flocka Moves To Ban Rookie Artist Lil Xan From Hip-Hop

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Waka Flocka has had enough of these new rappers, and now he’s making moves to get them out of the rap game altogether. Following controversial Tupac statements by up-and-coming rapper Lil Xan, Flocka took to social media to voice a move to ban the rookie artist from hip-hop.

“Lil Xan banned from hip hop,” Waka Flocka wrote on Twitter on Tuesday (Mar. 6). DJ Akademiks then shared the tweet on Instagram and garnered the attention of T.I., who seemed to second the motion. “So be it,” commented the Hustle Gang leader.

As previously noted, Waka’s disapproval of Lil Xan has to do with comments he made about Tupac during an interview with Revolt. During the discussion, Xan stated that Pac has “boring music.”

Waka Flocka combated Xan’s comments, by explaining the true significance of Tupac’s legacy. “Pac help me get thru childhood,” he tweeted. “Shit hurt to see the youth disrespect man that paved the way for all of us literally… I hope nobody overlook me accomplishments when I leave.”

This isn’t the first time Waka has shared his thoughts on new artists. He’s previously taken shots at Lil Pump and Smokepurpp.

Waka Flocka and T.I. won’t likely get a response from Lil Xan, however. The “Betrayed” artist announced on Tuesday (Mar. 6), that he will not be doing anymore interviews in the future due to harsh backlash regarding his recent interview.

Read Waka Flocka and T.I.’s thoughts below and watch Lil Xan’s controversial interview as well.