Westside Gunn And Mr. Green Report Live From The “Stash House”


In less than 48 hours, Westside Gunn and beatsmith Mr. Green will release a collaborative project titled, FLYGOD Is Good… All the Time. But first, Flygod, and Mr. Green unloaded the effort’s first offering titled, “Stash House.”

Building anticipation for the project, Westside and Mr. Green spoke with Hyperbeast about the upcoming project.

“We were originally supposed to do an episode of my show Live From The Streets. He’s a fan of that, so we were going to do an episode. I was really loving what they did; I was following the whole Griselda movement and I loved what I saw. It took a little convincing, but I convinced him to do the whole EP. I’m pretty proud of the whole way it turned out. I think he’s got a real tight bond and chemistry with his main producer Daringer.”

Westside and Mr. Green continue:

“We were originally going to film the project, but I kept being out of town. He would be in New York City and hit me up like, “yo, let’s record it Wednesday!” Then I would be in Miami filming something for Mountain Dew. Or, he would be New York and I’d be LA. Then, I would be in LA and he would be somewhere else. We were originally trying to do something different than what we did. Scheduling-wise, we were never able actually to lock in a shooting date. So, we ended up doing it only only-audio. It was originally supposed to be more of a Live From the Streets film project than a music project, but it just sort of morphed into a dope music project.”

“We didn’t do it together [in-studio]. I think he recorded it with Daringer, then they sent me the music files and I put it all together. I had Eddie Sancho — one of the greatest hip-hop engineers of all time — put the finishing touches on it and mix and master it.”

Stream “Stash House” below.