Ex-Con White Man Robs Las Vegas Casino In Blackface


On January 10, a white man walked into a Las Vegas casino in blackface and proceeded to rob the casino cage of the New York-New York. Twenty-six-year-old Cameron James Kennedy was charged with armed robbery as of Friday (Mar. 9) in federal court. According to Las Vegas police, he used makeup to appear black, however, the cashier knew something was off about his complexion, which was described as “off” and “blotchy.” During the robbery, Kennedy showed the cashier his handgun, which was tucked into his waistband. According to the complaint, he told the cashier, “I want all your hundreds and don’t mess around. I am not kidding, I want all the hundreds,” before fleeing off in a taxi with more than $23,000.

Kennedy was already under investigation for prior bank robbery charges. He allegedly cut off his GPS device three hours prior to executing the robbery. Although the robbery took place on Jan. 10, Kennedy wasn’t arrested until Jan. 25 after an anonymous caller suspected he was the robber. After an investigation of his phone records, police found that the Las Vegas man was near the location where the taxi had dropped the robber off.

Before his arrest, Kennedy had a great time with the stolen funds. He brought a gold bracelet for $1,500, money orders of more than $1,800 and a $1,000 prepaid debit card in someone else’s name. He also spent money on marijuana, food and hotel rooms. Kennedy is now facing up to 20 years in prison if found guilty and is due back in court for his hearing March 26.