A Wisconsin Man Is Accused Of Killing His Landlord Due To Rent Increase


A 37-year-old Wisconsin man now faces a first-degree intentional homicide charge after authorities say he shot his landlord in the back of the head after learning his rent was increasing $30.

According to Fox 6 News, the wife of the landlord reported her husband missing on Thursday March 1. The wife told authorities her husband went to the apartment complex to meet a tenant named “Jason.”

When law enforcement arrived at the building located near Packard and College in Cudahy and went to visit Jason Tilley at his apartment, officers learned he wasn’t there. They did “observe what appeared to be blood on the door and door frame” of Tilley’s unit. A neighbor also said she saw Tilley and the landlord “talking outside the garage area around 3:30 p.m.”

The next day, two cops returned and looked inside the garage to find a pool of blood, which led them to a large blanket rolled up in the corner. Inside was the landlord’s body. Tilley was later arrested at his place of employment and told the cops he did meet with his landlord that day. After paying his rent, Tilley said he became angry when he was informed it would be increasing $30.

Tilley told investigators he went to the garage with a gun in his pocket and as the landlord turned away Tilley shot him in the head. Tilley says he then stole some money from the victim’s pockets and took his car keys and drove his landlord’s card and abandoned it. He then went to the store, purchased some new clothes and left the old ones there. Afterwards he went to a bar, had a few beers and shot and then went home and went to bed. Tilley then got up, got dressed and went to work the next day.