Wu-Tang Collaborated With Cher On An Unreleased Wu-Tang Clan Album

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Wu-Tang Clan’s 2015 album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin has reportedly been tied up in legal disputes for the past couple of years since it was purchased by Martin Shkreli for $2 million. Unfortunately, fans have not been able to hear the magic that was made on that record, but according to Wu-Tang member, U-God, there’s a really good reason why the public should get to hear it. Apparently, their is a collaboration with pop icon, Cher on it.

“Me and Redman got a song with Cher on there. That’s all I can tell you about the album,” U-God revealed in an impromptu interview with TMZ on Mar. 5.

U-God wasn’t able to drop anymore hints about the album’s track list, but he was kind enough to comment on Martin Shkreli. According to recent reports, a U.S. District Judge ordered Shkreli to forfeit possession of the 2015 album and pay $7.36 million to the federal government as a result of his previous fraud conviction.

“I hope the feds want to give us back our record,” U-God stated. “That would be kind if cool I could get my record back so it could go out there and generate some sales for my family. Or they could keep it in a museum and we can share proceeds or something.”

Once Upon A Time in Shaolin is a double album that was recorded over the course of six years. It was released in 2015, but was limited to a single copy, which was auctioned and sold for $2 million. It is regarded as the most expensive album sold to-date.