Yo Gotti Passes Through “Customs” On The Regular (Video)


Yo Gotti has his hands full with international concerts and his burgeoning CMG roster. However, taking a vacation just isn’t in his game plan. Instead of jet-setting to play tourist overseas, Gotti is out to nab global currency.

“I don’t do no misdemeanors, my shit Federal (Federal)/Took a trip to MedellĂ­n, that shit was hella snow/No winter, I’m talkin’ hella dope (hella dope)/Jimmy Henchman sent that shit through Interscope/Tony Montana put it on a banana boat (boat)/Seen the Coast Guard, threw it over, and let it float (float),” raps Yo Gotti raps in his new “Customs” video.

The Memphis don is set to include the track on the upcoming 10th installment of his Cocaine Muzik mixtape series.

Watch the “Customs” video below.