03 Greedo’s “Fortnite” May Win Over J. Cole Fans


03 Greedo is a fave among folks like Nipsey Hussle and randomly Kendall Jenner, but his latest track might win over his latest batch of enemies–J. Cole fans.

When Cole surprised fans by announcing of his new album KOD, which will drop on Friday (April 20), the Watts rapper was not enthused. Taking to Twitter to express his disinterest, Greedo tweeted “No thanx J. Cole” on Monday (Apr. 17), which was met with much backlash from Dreamville supporters, simply because they did not recognize Greedo’s trolling flavor.

The rapper released “Fortnite” 24 hours later, with sentiments to his newfound fame and fortune. Produced by  Taz Taylor, the rapper rides Bay Area-like beat, while name dropping popular outlets he’s been featured in. “Just last week/ I was mentioned up in Forbes’ b***h Young street ni**a tryna make another fortune/With my daughter playing Fortnite, PS4 sh*t/ Treat the projects like a mothaf**kin’ fortress,” he spits.

Nearly a month prior to his Cole world war, Greedo used Lil Xan’s ill-informed comments about Tupac as a catalyst to call the late rapper (who was known for fearlessly creating gang codes and Black Panther ties) a “b***h ass n***a.” When looked at objectively, one can see that 03 Greedo’s polarizing commentary is a mere marketing tactic. Something that was reinforced by the fact his new project God Level will be dropping soon paired with a tweet where he claims to be the “50 Cent” of trolling.

Check out “Fortnite” below.