15 Things We Learned From J. Cole’s ‘KOD’ Twitter Q&A

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Unlike some overzealous celebrities that we may know, J. Cole remains fairly quiet when it comes to social media. But with his new album KOD breaking records, the private rapper came out of hiding to interact with his fans online.

Cole blessed Dreamville fanatics on Apr. 26, with an impromptu Q&A session. For a little over three hours (and counting), the rapper answered some interesting questions regarding the album’s underlying symbolism, his favorite moments, and creative process.

We know how hard it is to go digging through an endless Twitter feed, so we rounded up his biggest talking points. From his favorite track on the album, to dream collaborators, and fighting his own demons, here are the 15 biggest revelations below.

1. What’s Your Favorite Track?

2. What Was Your Favorite Memory While Writing The Album?

3. What Was The Hardest Song To Finish?

4. How Long Did It Take To Finish The Album?

5. What’s Your Favorite Bar On The Album?

6. Is There A Deeper Meaning Behind The Repetitive Hooks?

7. What’s The Craziest Sample You Used On KOD?

8. Did You Produce Anything On The Album?

9. Do You Have Any Tracks That Didn’t Make The Album?

10. Did You Always Know You Were Going To Name The Album KOD?

11. What Made You Put The Boy Speaking About God On “Window Pain (Outro)?

12. Have You Ever Been A “KOD” And Are You Still One?

13. Have You Already Filmed All The Music Videos?

14. If You Could Collab With Anyone Dead Or Alive, Who Would It Be?

15. How Was Writing The Lyrics To “Once An Addict”?

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