Atlanta School Apologizes For Blackface Minstrel Performance


An Atlanta charter school is apologizing for a viral video of their second grade students performing a minstrel style-show, complete with blackface masks.

Students at Kindezi Old Fourth Ward Charter School were featured in a Black History Month performance, where they recited the poem “We Wear the Mask” by Paul Laurence Dunbar. As they recited the poem, they put paper plates to their faces, which resembled black people.

“This was a poor and inappropriate decision and we sincerely apologize and accept responsibility for the hurt, anger, frustration and disappointment that this has caused in the Kindezi community and the community at large,” a letter sent to parents read.

As expected, several parents were outraged and mortified by the performance.

“I thought it was damaging. I thought it was dangerous,” parent Marcus Coleman told CBS-46.” Here we are in a climate where our kids are dealing with military warfare, but now psychological warfare as well…We don’t need to put our children in blackface to know we still have it bad as black folks.”

However, others who spoke to the news outlet were not as offended as others.

“I think that is kind of offending to some people. It kind of matters of the perspective of people,” said Arianna Nickerson, a fourth grader at the school.

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