Azealia Banks Strikes Back With Her Vibrant New Song “Anna Wintour”


It’s been a while since we’ve seen Azealia Banks making headlines for her music instead of her drama. Last night, Banks called up her favorite on-air personality Ebro Darden to debut her new runway anthem, “Anna Wintour,” on his Beats 1 radio show. Before they got into the details about her new single and forthcoming album coming soon, Ebro had to ask about her alleged beef with Cardi B. Although she curved his question multiple times, Azealia did somewhat elude to dealing with their boiling tension. “You’re an instigator,” Azealia said. “Let the girls handle their own business, Ebro.”

After he got the beef out of the way, Ebro got Azealia to open up about the plan for her forthcoming album. Fantasea 2 will be a double-disc album, which will contain her first Fantasea album along with the second installment. “Fantasea II: The Second Wave is going to be this huge, double disc release,” she said. “It’ll be a re-release of Fantasea as well as the new Fantasea II. It just chronicling my sounds properly and also getting all of that music back into the channels with all those cult-classic themes.”

Banks plans to keep her “mermaid” aesthetics alive in her new LP, yet she says the overall sound will be different. According to the tracklist she revealed back in February, her new album was expected to feature Spice Girl Mel B on “Anna Wintour” but unfortunately Banks didn’t receive her vocals on time. However, other major names like Busta Rhymes, Jamie Hince, NewBody and more will definitely make an appearance.

“I did this record with Busta Rhymes maybe like four years ago in Miami. We did that Beyonce ‘Partition’ remix and another song I had from Machinedrum. He was kind of confused about why I wasn’t ready to put it out right away, but I just knew it was supposed to be part of Fantasea II.”

Listen to Azealia Banks’ new single “Anna Wintour” and hear her interview with Ebro in full below.