Beyonce Uses Ivy Park Clothing Line To Empower Black Figure Skaters In Harlem


Beyonce became the first black woman to headline Coachella on Saturday (Apr. 14) and naturally took over the whole event with her two-hour long performance. She guided fans (in the predominantly white audience) through a journey that effectively explored the aura of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Now, Queen Bey is giving back to the community off stage by way of Figure Skating in Harlem.

Founded by Sharon Cohen in 1997, the organization serves as a safe place for girls to practice their sport. However, it has since evolved to off-the-ice tutoring and counseling opportunities. The program helps the girls apply these practices to their schooling and now 100 percent of the graduating seniors involved with Figure Skating in Harlem are going to colleges like Georgetown University, Howard University, and Barnard College.

“We believe that, given access to artistic sports like figure skating, girls will soar in all areas of their lives and be better equipped to accomplish their dreams,” Cohen said via Vogue. “Beyoncé is a fierce, authentically powerful woman of color. She inspires young women and girls globally who look just like her to do the exact same—to be fearless, free, and proud of themselves.”

Check out the video below.