7 Times Beyoncé And Solange Were Sister Goals


Beyoncé and Solange Knowles have proven time and time again that they are each other’s best friend. The singing sisters recently brought smiles and laughs to fans and viewers after the Lemonade musician’s highly-lauded Coachella headlining performances, where they performed a dance routine to Bey’s B’Day hit, “Get Me Bodied.”

Despite a fall at the end of their routine during Weekend 2’s set, the twosome were able to shake it off and keep it moving, showing many just why they’re love and support for each other is probably the envy of many siblings all over the world. Naturally, this wasn’t the first time the Knowles siblings proved that they were sister goals. Take a look at some of their most adorable big sis/little sis moments below.

1. When They Recorded The Theme Song For The Proud Family

“You and me will always be tight” couldn’t be more true for the Knowles sisters. Destiny’s Child provided background vocals for Solange for the wonderful Disney cartoon, The Proud Family.

2. When Their Sisterly Support Made Its Way Into Their Art

Solange has been in several of Beyonce’s music videos, including “Soldier,” “Get Me Bodied,” “Party,” and “Blow,” and she’s also helped pen a few of her big sister’s hits, such as “Upgrade U” and “Why Don’t You Love Me.”

3. When They Showered Each Other With Social Media Love

After Solange’s album A Seat At The Table was released in 2016, Beyoncé shared a sweet picture of her sister’s album cover, congratulating her on the “beautiful work of art.” Adversely, Solange has sent Twitter praise to her big sis, especially after some of her show-stopping performances.

4. When They Sang Of Each Other’s Praises In Real Life

“It brings me to tears when I watch her,” Beyoncé said of her sister during an interview in 2008, around the time Solange’s sophomore album was released. “She’s grown up so much. She’s like my baby. She’s just an incredible songwriter, so creative. She’s not afraid to be an individual and speak her mind. She had that star quality from age five.”

5. Whenever They Bring Out Each Other’s Silly Side

Having a sibling means having endless amounts of fun. Through social media and home video footage, we’ve been able to see how silly the pretty pristine sisters can be when they link up.

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6. When They Danced (and Fell) Together At Coachella

Beyoncé jammed with Solange during the younger sister’s Coachella set in 2014, and of course, Sol-Angel had to return the favor as Bey headlined the Indio, Calif. festival the past few weeks.

7. Whenever They Stay Winning At The Same Time

If being the first pair of sisters to boast number one albums in the same year is goals, then Beyoncé and Solange have been goals for two years. According to Billboard, the Knowles were the first sisters to achieve this feat after their most recent LP’s hit the top spot on the charts. A Seat At The Table was Solange’s first number one album, and Lemonade was Bey’s sixth.

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