Stream: Bodega BAMZ Stand For Latin Immigrants On ‘P.A.P.I.’ Album


Bodega BAMZ couldn’t be any more proud to be the son of an illegal immigrant. After months of teasing his second studio album, BAMZ finally delivers P.A.P.I., which stands for Proud And Powerful Individualz and features his father Placido De La Rosa on the cover. The Spanish Harlem native allows his papi to kick off the album with a simple, yet strong message, in which he dedicates the album “to all proud and powerful people.”

“That’s my pops on the cover,” wrote BAMZ in an Instagram post promoting his album. “He came to New York illegally from Dominican Republic for 1 thing. The American Dream. I know a lot of ya can relate.”

Following¬†his father’s intro track, Bodega continues to deliver other buzz-worthy records like “Broke,” “Clout” and “Jefe” with only one other artist named Lil Eto featured on “Uncut.” The album’s longer titles like “Powerful & Powerful” and “Band Aid” come off as the Puerto Rican/Dominican’s deeper singles. “Powerful & Powerful” lets the SMILF¬†actor boast his pride about his heritage and lifestyle while “Band Aid” is more of an emotional single that reflects his feelings about his relationship status.

Fuego Nate’s album is a prime example that the legal status of an immigrant doesn’t measure the amount of dedication, pride, and passion for their career. If anything, Bodega proves how successful any Latin immigrant can be in this country whether they are legal or not.

Stream Bodega BAMZ’s sophomore album P.A.P.I via 100 Keep It/Duck Down Records below.

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