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Bow Wow Clarifies His Suicidal Twitter Comments

Bow Wow sent a shiver of fear down the spine of his followers on Tuesday morning (April 24) when he tweeted he wanted to end his life. “Feel like jumping off this balcony,” he wrote. Fans quickly rallied around the 31-year-old rapper and actor and tried their best to talk him off the ledge.

“Please don’t! You are loved. Your life matters, please,” responded one fan. “It’s okay to be hurting, but talk to someone. You aren’t alone.”

“I am gonna pray for you. I pray that whatever you are facing the Lord gives you strength to overcome this. You are stronger than any demon that will try to tear you down. I pray for the attacks of the devil to flee. Amen don’t let the devil win,” another follower responded.

Realizing many took his tweet literally, Bow Wow later assured his followers he’s not going to commit suicide.

Bow Wow then posted a lengthier explanation onto his Instagram. While he didn’t go into detail about the bad news he received, he did explain how he’s managing it.

“Five AM and I’m waking up with a BIG F**K YOU to life. You sure do know how to fuck people at the wrong times! I hope your coffee is hot as fuck and it burns you,” he captioned.

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