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California Police Chiefs Reject Proposed Legislation That Would Limit Use Of Deadly Force

Assembly Bill 931 would restrict officers from using deadly force unless "absolultely necessary."

California legislators have announced a new bill that could change that could "prevent unnecessary loss of life." Assembly Bill 931, which is proposed by Democratic State Assembly members Kevin McCarty and Shirley Weber, and backed by the American Civil Liberties Union, would restrict officers from using deadly force unless there is “no other reasonable alternative.”

The bill, which was formally introduced by Weber an McCarty last week alongside the family of Stephon Clark the 22-year-old unarmed father gunned down by Sacramento Police officers in his grandmother's backyard, is being met with swift backlash from law enforcement.

In a statement to Bay Area news station KTVU, Webber revealed that an analysis of nearly 100 of the “largest police departments found that departments that used restricted use of force and de-escalation and other less-lethal tactics, save not only civilian lives, but also saves the lives of police officers."

During a meeting at the Fairfield Police training facility on Tuesday (April 10), Morgan Hill Police Chief David Swing joined other police chiefs in lambasting the bill.

"This legislation as proposed puts communities at risk,” said Swing, who is also president of the California Police Chief Association. “Evaluating the use of deadly force from the perspective of hindsight and narrowly justifiable homicide defense would lead to officers pulling back on proactive policing.”

Watsonville Police Chief David Honda said that the bill attempts to hold officers to an “unreasonable standard that measures in hindsight” and could “only hurt the communities we serve.”

The current standard allows for officers to use "reasonable force," but as the ACLU point out that a number of white suspects, including domestic terrorists,  no matter how harsh the crime, are met with a different fate.  The glaring racial discrepancy shows a disproportionate targeting of people of color,  specifically black men and women, many of whom were weaponless and did not commit a crime upon being gunned down by police.

“The killings of people like Stephon Clark in Sacramento, and far too many others, have laid bare a painful truth: our laws protect the police, not the people — and especially not people of color,” writes the ACLU.

“What’s more, California is one of the most secretive states in the country when it comes to releasing basic information about how departments investigate these killings and confirmed police misconduct.”

According to a running tally by the Washington Post, there have been just over 300 fatal police involved shootings in 2018. California also boasts some of the nation’s largest rates of police killings in the nation. Lawmakers said that half of the 162 people who were shot and killed by cops last year did not have guns, with Kern County officers holding the record for killing “more people per capita than in any other county in the U.S.”

Last Monday (April 9), the Kern County Detention Officers Association brought attention to what it says is a  "sheriff's office in desperate need of positive changes" by releasing a 12-year-old video of current Kern County Sheriff Danny Youngblood recorded during the year  that he was elected. In the footage, Youngblood can be heard answering a question about whether he thinks it’s more cost-effective for the sheriff’s department to “kill” or wound suspects. Youngblood chose the latter explaining, "Because if you cripple them you gotta' take care of them for life, and that cost goes way up."

Reacting to the video release, Youngblood said that he wishes that he would’ve used different wording, but that his comments were taken out of context, according to CNN. “When you listen to the verbiage, it doesn't sound good. But I think the people of this county know that's not what I mean,” he said.

In a message on Facebook posted alongside the 2006 video of Youngblood, the KCDA noted that it's time to elect a new sheriff who will bring a  "fresh approach and new ideas to tackle long standing issues facing department administration."

See footage of the interview below.

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Connecticut School Employee Resigns After Racist Grocery Store Video Goes Viral

A  Connecticut resident has resigned from her position at the Hamden Public School District after a video posted to Facebook shows her using racial slurs and spitting on two black people while at a local Shop Rite.

According to The New Haven Register, Corinne Terrone who was a clerk in the district's central office, is seen with her two children when the confrontation erupts. Terrone uses the N-Word three times and spits at a black man and black woman. It's unclear how the clash begins.

After Terrone's first use of the slur, the man on video rushes toward Terrone as she attempts to take her phone out and record. “Put your hands on me, come on!” she says. He then slaps the phone out of her hand. That's the only physical encounter between the two caught on video.

The Facebook post, which has received more than 180,000 views, overwhelmingly supported the black man and woman. A spokesman for the school wrote on the district's website that Terrone "has been separated from employment effective immediately.”

“While it appears as though this happened after work hours on Friday evening, the Human Resource Director contacted the employee and arranged an investigatory meeting with her. Shortly after final arrangements were made for the investigatory meeting, the employee rendered her resignation effective immediately.”

Due to the fact that Terrone's children were present during the verbal assault, the district filed a report with DCF services.

Republican State Sen. Len Fasano and state Rep. Joseph Zullo released a joint statement condemning Terrone's language and behavior.

“What we saw in this video is repulsive and deeply offensive and does not represent the people of East Haven or our values. The behavior is shocking and upsetting and has no place anywhere, including in our community,” Fasano and Zullo said in the statement. “We understand Hamden Public Schools has acted quickly to seek this employee’s resignation. East Haven police are also seeking more information and urging any potential victims or witnesses involved to come forward. Hate speech and violence will not be tolerated in our community.”

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Louisiana Accidentally Paid It's Residents Double This Tax Season, To The Tune Of $26 Million

It's tax season and for most Americans the best time of the year to get a few extra coins put back into their pocket. If you're a Louisiana resident, however, you received double that in an unintended flub by the state.

According to reports, 66,000 taxpayers received double their state tax refund, totaling $26 million in overpayment. The state is now reportedly trying to get that money back.

The Division of Administration spokesman Jacques Berry blamed the blunder on a computer system malfunction, which is why so many residents had a healthier state refund.

Nola taxpayers shouldn't get excited just yet. Berry said in most cases the payments were made through the bank accounts direct deposit and can quickly be reversed. If the money isn't there, the bank will reportedly contact the individual about payment.

Berry released a statement admitting to the oversight.

“As the State of Louisiana continues to recoup more than $26 million to duplicate individual income tax refunds that were erroneously issued as the result of a computer error, taxpayers are being urged not to take any action. The vast majority of the duplicated funds are expected to be recovered electronically,” – Jacques Berry, Director of Policy and Communication

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Remains Of 2-Year-Old Noelani Robinson Found In Minnesota Ditch

A nationwide Amber Alert came to a tragic end Friday (March 15) when the body of 2-year-old Noelani Robinson was found wrapped inside of a blanket and placed in a Minnesota ditch. The Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office deduced little Noelani had been there for some time and died of blunt force trauma.

Authorities aren't sure how the child got into the ditch and if she was killed elsewhere, however, they suspect her father, 34-year-old Dariaz Higgins, who killed her mother, 24-year-old Sierra Robinson on Monday may have placed her there.

According to reports, Robinson became pregnant with Noelani while Higgins was her pimp. The couple stayed together after the child's birth but Robinson later decided to end the relationship and moved to Las Vegas last month leaving Noelani with Higgins

After getting settled, Robinson began trying to see Noelani. On March 9, she reportedly flew back to Milwaukee and stayed with a friend identified as LP. Two days later, Higgins agreed to let Robinson see the child. Higgins picked up Robinson and LP and they reportedly drove around  "talked about old times" and smoked marijuana.

Higgins then drove them to a nearby hotel where he shot Robinson in the chest and LP several times. Robinson died, but LP survived and gave authorities a statement. Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales called Higgins " a stone-cold killer,” with ties "all the way down to Miami, Florida, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Kansas City. He’s been all over the place.”

Higgins confessed to killing Robinson. He's charged with first-degree murder but they're hoping in a forthcoming interview he'll offer details in his daughter's killing.

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