Candace Owens Is Elated Kanye West Likes The Way She Thinks


Kanye West returned to Twitter to offer advice to creatives and announce the album release dates for his project and his fellow G.O.O.D Music cohorts. The Internet ate up all of Ye’s tweets and seemed generally pleased Mr. West stepped out of his self-imposed exile. However, the good times didn’t last too long when on Saturday (April 21) West praised conservative Candace Owens.

“I love the way Candace Owens thinks,” Ye tweeted.

With just seven words, West merited a digital sigh and raised eyebrow from Black Twitter and anyone who doesn’t agree with Owens’ statements on the African-American community.

The tweet quickly went viral and it didn’t take long for Owens to respond. The 28-year-old writer and producer was over the moon about West’s tweet and pleaded with him to take a meeting.

For those unfamiliar with Owens, she’s called Black Lives Matter protestors “whiny” and who allege to oppressed for attention. She’s also gone on record to claim the African-American community is also split into those who have a victim and victor mentality.

Owens pinned a tweet to her timeline clarifying where she stands on the political aisle.