Cardi B Reportedly Defends Herself From Model’s $5 Million Lawsuit


Cardi B has experienced a litany of issues with her latest lawsuit, but in true Bardi fashion, she fired back at the man who claims she lifted his back tattoo for her Gangsta Bi**h Music Vol. 1 mixtape cover art.

On Tuesday (Apr. 3), TMZ reports that the Bronx MC explained that not only does the model featured on the cover not have a neck tattoo like plaintiff Kevin Brophy, he’s also not white. The model is a “young, dark-skinned male.” This bookings-style description of who the “Drip” rapper professes is the real model served to stand as further proof she is in the clear. She posted an alternate picture from the cover shoot that revealed the model’s face.

For Cardi B and her management, they hope this photo evidence is enough to prove their innocence. If found guilty, they’ll be required to pay Brophy a total of $5 million, a stain that the “Lick” artist is doing everything in her power to avoid.