Lady Gaga Responds To Cardi B’s ‘Bad Romance’ Talent Show Performance

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Sometimes videos from our high school days can be embarrassing, or at the very least just bad/sad. But when you have the world at your feet and your debut album is crushing it from coast-to-coast, even a high school talent show karaoke video looks pretty fly.

Case in point: as the world is falling in love with Cardi B’s debut album, Invasion of Privacy, someone managed to dig up footage of Cardi covering Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” at a high school talent show in 2009.

It’s a bit shaky, but you can get a sense that Cardi was meant to be, as she expertly struts the stage in a skintight red outfit with strategic cut-outs on the legs and busts out choreographed moves along with a group of 5 backup dancers, flawlessly copying some of Mother Monster’s signature stage moves.

Of course a Little Monsters let Gaga know what’s up, and she was way, way into it. “I LIVE,” Gaga tweeted.

This article was originally published on Billboard.