Cardi B Talks Butt Implants, U.S. Presidents And More In Nardwuar Interview

Music News

Nardwuar has done it again. The self-proclaimed “Human Serviette” interviewed the musician with the hottest album in the land, Cardi B, for his latest video.

Recorded at the Coachella Music Festival, the Bronx-bred MC was asked to go on record about her admiration of the children’s book series, Junie B. Jones, and her knowledge about some U.S. Presidents was tested. Additionally, the Invasion Of Privacy MC discussed her early interest in music, which she says was shaped y some of the artists her mother listened to.

“My mom grew up listening to Aerosmith, Madonna, and Pet Shop Boys,” she explains. “That’s the type of thing we used to listen to in our house. She came to this country and lived in upstate New York.”

Cardi was also candid about her risky butt implant surgery; she was offered cookies and milk because she almost passed out during the invasive procedure, she admits.

“You are over gifting me,” says Cardi of Nardwuar’s presents, such as vinyl records (which he expects the rapper to play on a record player…which he also expects her to buy). “I feel like I owe you something,” she continues.

Check out the hilarious interview below.