Chicago’s Reports Of Gun Violence Drops For The Thirteenth Consecutive Month

Local Chicago news outlets report that March continued the city’s decrease in gun violence. According to WQAD, when compared to March 2017, March 2018 was significantly safer. During the past month, the city experienced 10 fewer homicides than the year before.

This adds to an impeccable streak of 13 consecutive months where there has been a drop in gun violence. And not only has 2018 witnessed Chicago’s homicides decline by 17 percent, in this three-month period, the city’s shooting victims have also plummeted by close to 30 percent.

Despite Chicago’s reduced gun violence, crime data shows that the luxury areas of America’s third largest city are experiencing an increase in robbery. Over the course of 2018’s short existence, there have been 86 robberies, most of which take place in the city’s North Side.

Only 49 robberies occurred in this part of the city during this period in 2017. While Chicago’s Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson casts the juveniles accused of being behind the thefts as “opportunist,” the reasoning for this historically affluent section becoming the epicenter for these robberies is deeper than mere “greed.”

Per the Chicago Tribune, the racial wage discrepancy within the city is astronomical. The median income for white families is nearly $71,000 compared to black homes which average close to $30,000.