Chief Keef Wonders If His Fans Love Him For Creating Mumble Rap

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Chief Keef’ sparked a debate when he took to the Internet with claims that he “invented” mumble rap.

On Tuesday (Apr. 17) Keef tweeted “do you guys love me for creating mumble?” While this is more than likely one of Sosa’s many playful posts as he recently encouraged Kendall Jenner to be a rapper, the statement creates a conversation.

Since his 2012 emergence, Chief Keef has been credited with pioneering Drill Music and starting the Chicago “gold rush.” Keef also is regarded as the father of an aesthetic through his famous “house-arrest” music videos and slang (he is the originated the “glo”) that has shifted the popular culture.

And although several people (including the Roots’ MC, Black Thought) have also claimed to have founded the mumble rap subgenre, the reaction to Keef’s tweet combined with his formerly mentioned cultural relevancy proves that without this 22-years-old’s impact there wouldn’t be a lane for the Lil Uzi’s or even the 21 Savage’s of the world to flourish.

Do you think Chief Keef is the originator of mumble rap? Does he deserve this distinction? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below.