25 Clothing Brands That Placed Their Stamp On Hip-Hop


It’s long been believed that there’s a correlation between looking good and feeling good, hence there being no coincidence that wearing a new outfit for the first time is a special event of sorts for most people.

For fashion heads, stepping out into the world after popping a few tags is one of the most exhilarating feelings you’ll ever feel, and the experience is as much about the process as it is the result.

From scouring clothing stores looking for that right piece to complete an outfit to laying it out on your bed to make sure the color coordination is an exact match, putting a great ‘fit together is an achievement in its own right — and separates the stylish and dapper from the shabby and tacky.

In the culture of hip-hop, getting fresh is all but a prerequisite to attaining popularity and admiration among your peers and the opposite sex. Staying “fresh” is key in any hip-hop situation and if your threads aren’t up to par, it diminishes your “fly.”

Some may take issue with flamboyance and materialism, but rap artists have been boasting about buying the most expensive brands since the earliest rap recordings. Having the latest fashions and being on trend has been an important part of urban culture and the power of branding is continuously wielded by an innumerable amount of companies, with their products becoming the uniform of the young and flashy.

Hip-Hop and clothing have always had a close relationship with each other, serving for countless trends and crazes in the culture and translating to millions of dollars for various high-end brands. It’s a testament to the buying power of urban America. Corporate America took notice and introduced clothing lines catering to the tastes of rap fans while getting the most popular figures in the culture to sport them, thus giving the brand credibility. But the love affair between hip-hop and the fashion world truly blossoms when artists and moguls introduce their own clothing lines.

The business of rap fashion revolutionized how rappers branded themselves and ushered in a new era of product placement. While there have been a slew of dope clothing lines that have captivated the hip-hop audience, there are a few that have truly define the hip-hop aesthetic.

Here are 25 clothing lines that placed their stamp on hip-hop. Respect the fresh.