Dee-1 Speaks On The Male Manager Who Tried To Sleep With Him

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The #MeToo movement has allowed for women in all occupations to speak about their all too common encounters with sexual harassment. And while actor-comedian Terry Crews has also vocalized his sexual harassment experiences, men have remained relatively quiet about their own encounters.

New Orleans rapper Dee-1 stopped by Hip-Hop DX’s Soulful Sundays to discuss his latest project Slingshot David. The 29-year-old lyricist spoke candidly about his single “The Devil Playground” in which he details a man who tried to sleep with him.

“It’s all about leverage in this industry,” Dee said. “That’s something I went through. I need y’all to know there are some clowns in this game, and they’ll try to play you. I know I’m not the only person who’s been through [a situation like] that.”

On the record, Dee-1 raps “this man said if I slept with him he’d manage me … y’all know him, I spat in his face and said, ‘Boy don’t play with me!’”

During the nearly 10 minute the lyricist also speaks about making a conscious effort to not use profanity in his music. “Instead of saying mother f**ker, I say mother plucker. I’ll say ‘that’s some bullskit.’ Honestly, I’m just trying to be better as a human being and with that being said, I looked at the things. What are the weak areas in my life? What are the areas I like to improve on, and I wanted to alleviate cursing out of my vocabulary, off the microphone not as a rapper but just as a human.”